Chalk Talk

with Jonas Chalk

Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

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Who is Jonas Chalk?

Jonas Chalk has been offering advice on university teaching and learning in his Chalk Talk column since 2001. From classroom management to grading to diversity, Jonas offers practical advice and resources to help faculty navigate the challenging landscape of undergraduate teaching. Jonas has written more than 100 columns on a wide range of topics that are now available in a searchable database.

Jonas Chalk is authored by a group of interdisciplinary faculty and teaching/technology experts. He was born from support by a GE Foundation grant which supported a faculty committee dedicated to improving teaching for freshman engineering students. The group created advice columnist and legendary college teacher Jonas Chalk to respond with various perspectives and techniques to the growing number of questions about teaching raised by their colleagues. Over time, Jonas broadened the focus of his advice beyond freshman engineers. Today Jonas is alive and well, producing his column and distributing it by email.